All products are online customer returns that have not been audited or tested. Pallets contain a mix of grades, and specific item grades can be seen in the manifest.

Brand New = New. All merchandise is brand new and in original packaging. These goods were never shipped to customers.

A = New. After visual inspection, item appears to be working with original components.

B = Cosmetic damage. After visual inspection, not eligible as new, signs of use/wear.

C = Raw. After visual inspection, faulty/damaged, potentially missing parts; some items potentially unsafe.

D = Salvage. Products are Untested. All products are sold AS IS for parts with no return privileges and no warranty coverage. Original packaging may be damaged or not included.

  • Items may be used.
  • Items may be incomplete.
  • Items may be damaged or show signs of usage.
  • Items may have a functional defect, which means they are not fully or at all operational.